You may beginning as a two registration scholar in a bachelor’s level plan on any grounds or on the internet: orange shape, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville or Oconee.

You may beginning as a two registration scholar in a bachelor’s level plan on any grounds or on the internet: orange shape, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville or Oconee.

You’re not confirmed a category timetable at certain times or locations.

Unsure which significant you will want to pick? Operate the following software that can help you establish employment interests and what significant is the best for an individual.


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( All work deadlines are in tight of companies. All promoting records are generally because within fourteen days of software due date. )


seated and serve test ratings must transferred electronically by the College aboard or ACT. Sample score printed on senior high school or university transcripts of the audio aren’t going recognized.

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You could need the College Board to transmit your own seated scores to account #5497, or your ACT score to account #0848, despite which grounds you ought to go to. Test score designed and printed on high school or college or university transcripts are not approved.

Continue to keep track of your application position since you are doing actions 1-5 to make sure we’ve got received all required papers. Examine your tool updates.

Q: I won’t acquire our SAT/ACT ratings until following your UNG program deadline. What goes on nowadays?A: : there is the solution to do the organization act upon our azure Ridge, Dahlonega, Gainesville and Oconee Campuses. The tests can be acquired every little while. Keep in mind that scores from institutional examinations are typically best perfect for entrance this particular company. You should stop by our personal screening company internet site for more information.

Q: Exactly where will the faculty training account we secure transfer?A: to the majority of four-year universities and colleges.

Q: precisely what programs are offered for us to take?A: Any methods that UNG people connect, and also for that you meet with the training prerequisites. Take note that Dual Enrollment course are only going to cover instruction through the authorized system variety.

Q: After I graduate from senior school, how do you turned out to be a student at UNG?A: To continue at UNG after highschool graduation, you must complete a double registration course plan kind through chosen due date go out for that term and grounds you wish to consider. You certainly do not need to undertake the latest program for entry or sign up price. Please be aware that entrance to a bachelors level system is very aggressive which entry lies in that years customer swimming pool. In case you are ineligible for a bachelors diploma course, may immediately be considered the associate level walkway with all the possibility to internally transfer to a bachelors level system later.

Q: how do you schedule simple training?A: you deal with their highschool guidelines professional together with your UNG twin enrollment consultant.

Q: amount methods am I allowed to take?A: you could just take so many curriculum as you want; however, twin Enrollment program pay for 30 loan several hours.

Q: create my two enrollment training consider against your WISH scholarship hat when I graduate from big school?A: No. WANT addresses 127 assets days for bachelor’s level people and 90 assets weeks for connect level escort in San Diego students. The lessons you are taking while two enrolled won’t lessen your hat.

Q: Is It Possible To twin go to the twin Enrollment plan at two or more college/university simultaneously?A: Yes. It is vital that you submit an application for admission to each and every organization and upload another two Enrollment Program beginner Participation arrangement per each business. Double registration regimen are going to pay for necessary prices, fees and courses at each and every company.

Q: were dual-enrollment children permitted to go on campus?A: No, pupils taking part in dual-enrollment at UNG will not be entitled to are now living in the residence places.

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