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Why is my AC Blowing Hot Air?

While there are many possible reasons why your Air Conditioning unit may be blowing hot or warm air, here’s a list of the most common culprits.

1. The Thermostat

While it might sound obvious at first, sometimes we might miss it. The thermostat might be set to the incorrect setting, double check it isn’t set to “heat”.  Check to see if you have your thermostat set to “auto” or “on”. If it’s set to “on”, that means the fan will blow even when the air conditioner isn’t actually cooling. This causes your AC to blow out warmer air out the vents when the outside unit isn’t running.  The “auto” setting is the best option.

2. Restricted Airflow

 A restriction in the airflow to and from your air conditioner often results in not enough air coming out of the vents to cool your home. Restricted airflow can also cause the compressor (the part that moves the refrigerant) in your air conditioner’s outside unit to freeze up.

These problems are commonly a result of one or more of the following:

  • The air filter hasn’t been replaced in a long time
  • You haven’t had maintenance done on your AC this year (so the coils are dirty)

3.  Not Enough Electricity

The outside unit isn’t getting electricity. Your air conditioning system is made up of two main components – an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit houses the fan that blows air through your home, but, long story short, it can only blow cool air if the outdoor unit is working. So if air is blowing out of your vents but it’s not cold, it could be that the circuit breaker has tripped or the fuse has blown on the electrical circuit that provides electricity to your outdoor unit.
Check your circuit breaker or fuse panel to make sure the circuit is supplying electricity to the outside air conditioning unit.

Note: If the circuit breaker was tripped or fuse blown by the AC, you need to call a professional immediately as there could be a major problem.

4. Low On Freon

The most popular reason why your AC is not blowing cold air is low freon/refrigerant. Contact us to check your Freon pressures and refill your unit with more! 

5. Other Options

 Most likely, if you’re having issues with your air conditioner blowing hot or warm air, it’s either a problem with the compressor/outside unit or you may also have a return duct that is broken or disconnected and is pulling in unconditioned air from outside or an attic space. However, both of these issues require a professional’s help.

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